Top 20 Cursed Food Images That Destroy Your Appetite

 Here are our top pick for Cursed Food Pics That’ll Make Your Stomach Cringe. If you have a sensitive stomach, this post is not for you. These are some of most cursed food images you ever see. If you know more of food cursed images share in this blog with us

1- Mayo and Pops

Combine mayo and coco pops to make a disgusting cursed food. I call it popmayo.

reddit- u/DeniaDaily23

2- Strawberry Pizza

You can make a cursed food product easily by making strawberry pizza. Fruity warm pizza that makes you confused if it is dessert or main entree.

reddit- u/arbiter_vildred

3- Sushi pizza

Have you thought what would be combination of two amazing food? sushi and pizza? It is a warm sushipizza. Here is a cursed image of food helping you picture it better.

reddit – u/cherif36

4- Chocolate Pasta

This is a cursed food image of pasta with chocolate sauce. yummy, huh?

reddit – u/fe1juu

5- Ramen and Pasta

Here is easy recipe to make a cursed food with just two ingredient: ramen and ketchup.

reddit – u/Raccoon_king17

6- Juice in Banana

Put your juice inside of banana cup. no mess at all!!

reddit – u/dank-_-dorit0

7- Chunky Soup Ice cream

This is one of the biggest cursed food image. Make an ice cream for your meal. very confusing because it does not taste anything like ice cream, but a frozen creamy clam chowder.

reddit – u/u/Raccoon_king17

8- Pasta Ice

This is a true cursed drink. Make your pasta as usual then put it in ice maker. When it is ready, pop them out and put them in a water. now you have iced pasta water. Super cursed drink.

reddit – u/aa2056

9- Cursed Pizza

Most disgusted low calorie cursed food. Use pineapple as your crust. how do you rate this cursed food image?

reddit – u/The_FireToast

10- Cookie watching

Have you watched cookie monster? Do you wanna bring it in life? Make this cursed food that looks like a cookie watching you as you eat it. I bet it hurts your emotion as you eat this cutie.

reddit – u/thesingularbean

11- Jello Salad

Jello Salad. Even looking at it makes me feel weird inside my tummy. Mix gelatin with bunch of fresh cut fruits. This is a desserty cursed food for sure.

reddit – u/JeanAshlee

11- Cursed Milk and Sausage

I bet this is one of the best cursed food images you have seen. Raw hot dog and fresh cold milk. Bone appetite…

reddit – u/Nish_0

12- Apple Chicken Sandwich

believe it or not, this cursed food is my friend’s choice. She cuts up apple and place it between chick flia spicy chicken sandwich. She claims it’s healthy because of apple. I can’t imagine eating this cursed sandwich though!

reddit – u/superspammer76

13- Cursed Vegan Lasagnia

Vegan Lasagna!! I called it cursed food. The whole point of Lasagna is being delicious, meaty, and unhealthy. Who the fuck came up with this cursed food?!!

14- Steak Dessert

This is the cursed food image of deserted steak. Juicy and salty inside covered in sweet icing. It’s like a steak cupcake. It makes my stomach upset, just by looking at this image of cursed food.

15- Fresh Fish

Food can’t be fresher than this. look at this super cursed image. It’s a live fish in a fridge sitting for days so the chief can cook a fresh fish for a dinner. You can smell that as you open the drawer in the fridge.


16- Ramen and Chocolate

you can make a cursed food product by combining chocolate spread on top of dry uncooked ramen. It’s crispy, salty, sweet, and disgusting. lol. Would you dare trying this?

17- Banana Rice

Make your favorite rice with spices and cut up banana. Then you have a cursed food. I would rate it 10 out of 5 as a cursed food.

Post image

18- Goldfish drink

Make goldfish drink, your favorite cursed food by adding aliitle of milk to your goldfish container. Warning, image below is a super cursed food image.

19- Gummy drink

This is a cursed gummy drink, a tru cursed product made by human. lol

Post image

20- Bubble Gum Pizza

The last picture is the best cursed food image you have ever seen. It is super stretchy pizza and hard to swallow. Oh man, so 🤢

Post image

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