Best Pressure Cooker Option 2020

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A pressure cooker is one of the easiest ways to make your meal ready fast. Pressure cookers use a combination of high temperatures and high pressure It builds a high pressure to cook much faster than just normal heat based cooking.

When cooking is finished a pressure cooker either manually or automatically releases the pressure.

Our experts in kitchen appliances evaluated several pressure cookers and ranked them based on simplicity of use and function.

No time to read the whole post to find the suitable pressure cooker for your home? Here are our top 3 picks after our extensive research!

#1 Best Microwavable Pressure Cooker: SilverStone
#2 Best durable pressure cooker – Fissler Pressure Cooker
#3 Best Value for money – Presto

Presto Pressure Cooker

The Prestige Pressure Cooker has a well-planned design with a unique pressure indicator and controlled gasket release system. Made from high quality stainless steel, the 3.0-liter unit is perfect for preparing smaller quantities. 

The Presto pressure cooker prepares food 3-10 times faster. It is great for families up to 10 members. This pressure cooker automatically regulate pressure inside.

The Presto pressure cooker keeps the color, flavor, and nutrients of food and makes the meat more tender.


  • Easy to clean
  • Great looking design
  • Great seal
  • Excellent value for money
  • Dish washer safe


  • Only one pressure level available for the Presto
  • No automatic release feature built into the pressure cooker
  • Does not whistle
  • Lid is hard to put on properly

Elite Platinum Pressure Cooker

Elite Platinum EPC-414 Maxi-Matic 4 Quart Electric Pressure Cooker, Black (Stainless Steel)

            The Elite Platinum Pressure Cooker, with its 4-quart removable non-stick pot, features nine preset menu functions, a programmable pressure cooking time up to 90 minutes, and a 24 hour delay timer. Made of brushed stainless steel, the item is perfect for making delicious pork, roast, soups, rice, oatmeal, and more for families of two to three. This pressure cooker can help you cook a meal 70% faster than more traditional methods.

Elite Platinum Pressure Cooker is a good quality and durable choice.


-Has extra features of browning and keep warm

-Easy to clean

-Can be used as either a pressure cooker or slow cooker

-Good quality


-Not big enough for larger quantities of food or bigger families 

Nesco Pressure Cooker

            The Nesco Pressure Cooker, with an 8-quart capacity, locks in vitamins and minerals making food taste better and preserving nutritional value, all while reducing cooking time by up to 70%. The unit features a delayed start up to 8 hours, along with a self-locking lid with an automatic pressure release. As an added bonus, this pressure cooker has a slow cooker capability up to 9.5 hours.


-Easy to use

-Dishwasher safe

-Non-stick cooking pot

-Detachable power cord

-Quiet when in use


-Not made to last

Corsi Pressure Cooker

            The Corsi Pressure Cooker, made of fingerprint resistant stainless steel, has ten safety features such as an unlock indicator. The 6-quart capacity pressure cooker allows for adjustable and customizable program settings for temperature, pressure, and cooking time, even after the user has started the cooking process, ensuring perfectly cooked meat and fork tender food.


-Intuitive control panel

-Heavy duty inner pot with side measurements

-Comes with glass top

-Exterior stays cool


-Timer is hard to hear

-Breaks down after a few uses

Microwave Pressure Cooker: SilverStone 

            The Microwave Pressure Cooker, made of BPA-free material, has multiple safety features like a vented lid that helps in controlling pressure, and also effectively releases heat and steam. The mechanism also comes with extra items such as a locking lid, steamer plate, and a recipe booklet to make delicious meals.


-Dishwasher safe

-Faster cooking than traditional methods

-Easy to use


-Takes some time getting use to

-Might cook food too quickly

Nuwave Pressure Cooker

            The Nuwave Pressure Cooker, with its eleven digital cooking presets, multiple safety levels, and advanced features, cooks nutritious, flavorful, and juicier foods in 70% less time. As an added bonus, the unit includes a measuring cup, soup ladle, rice spoon, and cookbook to try delicious recipes.


-Easy to learn how to use

-Easy to clean

-Makes healthy dinners

-Good for beginners


-Some recipes require separately bought pieces of equipment

Fissler Pressure Cooker

            The Fissler Pressure Cooker, made for use on the stovetop, works on all types of ranges. The stainless steel, 8.5-quart mechanism, features safety measures such as a steam release function and positioning aid, locking indicator color marker, and an audible click to ensure it is closed and ready to go to make appetizing and healthy meals.


-Well built

-Easy to use 

-Easy to clean


-Defective valve is a possibility

-Difficulty getting up to pressure

Insignia Pressure Cooker

            The Insignia Pressure Cooker, with its 6-quart capacity, is perfect for quickly fixing large portions while retaining the nutrients and flavor of the food. With extra functions such as keep warm and a 24 hour delayed timer, it is a functional product that allows for hectic schedules and varying meal times.


-Heats quickly

-Does not burn food

-Easy to use


-Might show wear earlier than expected

T Fal Pressure Cooker

            The T Fal Pressure Cooker, with a 6.3-quart capacity and 70% faster cooking time, makes preparing large batches of tasty and nutritious meals a breeze. This item boasts safety measures such as a one hand system, inability to open when in use and under pressure, and side handles for better grip. The pressure cooker also includes a steam basket, stand, and recipe book.


-Easy to use

-Easy to clean



-Pressure not always calibrated correctly

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